Welcome back to the new academic year at Edward the Elder! We are so happy to have each of you back into school. Although it may not be as you had planned, we hope that you managed to enjoy the glorious sunshine, have a fantastic holiday and the children have been able to recharge their batteries. 

Supporting us in Year 5 this year will be Mrs Jones and we are both looking forward to the year ahead.

Purple creative homework books will continue this year and we aim for it to allow our children to both consolidate their learning from class as well as move their learning on. This homework book will be coming home with your child next week – please look out for this! The insert to the book will provide further information about this.

Children will continue to receive reading books linked to their ability from school. Expectations of completing a reading journal on a weekly basis will continue – please check out the new layout of these as we are trialling a new format and activities this year. To ensure children are able to complete these new journal activities to a good level, we will be looking at these in class first. Like in previous years, they must be handed to the class teacher or teaching assistant to mark, books will then be able to be changed and the process can begin again. Written responses will become ever more important this year with our minds on the reading SATs paper. To continue to raise the profile of reading, on the completion of effective journals, children will fill a tally chart in class and certificates will be awarded.

Phonics will be ability set; however, lessons will be taught within class ‘bubbles’ and will take place twice per week. Children will receive 10 spellings linked to their phonics groups on a Tuesday, to be tested on the following Tuesday. Additionally, children will also receive 10 spellings which are related to their age, these will be given out on a Friday and tested the following Friday.

PE will take place on a Monday and Wednesday, please ensure your child has the correct PE kit in school. White round neck t-shirt, shorts (preferably black or navy) and black pumps. It would also be appreciated if all uniform (including PE kit and pumps) is labelled with your child’s full name and class. In Autumn Year 5 will receive 2 lesson from Soccer 2000. Please can we remind parents that jewellery should not be worn in school with the exception of stud earrings, and in line with Health and Safety guidelines these should not be worn on days when children have PE. Children may be asked to remove earrings before PE sessions.

We are continuing to use a thematic approach to teaching, which will enable us to teach a variety of foundation subject skills linked through a theme. Our theme this term is ‘Cosmic Cosmos’ and we cannot wait to get stuck in learning about the planets and researching the history of space travel. We will be linking this exciting theme to History, Geography, Art, DT, Music and Computing – Not going to give too much away yet though!!

Please note that year 5 will be able to enter via the main gate at the revised time of 8.50am and should be collected from our external classroom door at 3.20pm. If you wish for your child to walk home alone, please complete the attached letter and return to school as soon as possible. We cannot allow children to walk home alone or with a different adult without verbal or written consent from you as their parent.

A reminder that if your child is asthmatic, please ensure an in date inhaler and spacer is in school at all times. Please ensure you have informed the office with any updated medical information.

We look forward to working with you over the next year to ensure your children have a valuable year. Year 5 is an important year and we look forward to one which is full of exciting learning and progress. If you have any questions/queries now or throughout the year, please do not hesitate to speak to us.

Thank you for your continued support.

Mrs Kilpatrick
(Year 5 teacher)

Autumn 2019

During the Autumn term, year 5 enjoyed taking part in a variety of science investigations. They explored Earth and space through a variety of enquiry types.  Fun, excitement and teamwork whilst developing their Science knowledge.





March 2019

Year 5 had the opportunity to go to Cosford Air Museum to develop their understanding of the Battle of Britain. During the visit they were also able to enjoy some activities that linked to their science unit on forces - which they loved. It was a fantastic experience which all the children thoroughly enjoyed. The gasps of wonder and surprise were a pleasure to hear. They were a credit to the school and showed how much they had taken on board from our history unit. One child exclaimed "I didn't expect it to be so interesting". Well done year 5!




February 2019

Year 5 enjoyed two visits from our local Police Community Support Officer. During these visits, she discussed e-safety and antisocial behaviour as well as other elements. The children were engaged throughout and were clearly surprised and intrigued by some of the information they were told. They were very appreciative and listened carefully throughout.



Photos from 2017/2018

March 2018

During this half term Year 5 have participated in a Minecraft Project.  The Project has been developed by Wolverhampton's Learning Technologies Team and the children have had access to an interactive experience using the ever so popular Minecraft game.  In the second session the children have been tasked to build a virtual world within Minecraft that has required them to research, design, plan and cost out a religious building to be built.  The children will then create a virtual tour of the buildings they construct adding educational information at various points.  The Year 5 children are thoroughly enjoying this fantastic opportunity and its many cross curricular links.

January 2018

Year 5 visited RAF Cosford this week as part of the our learning about the Battle of Britain in World War Two. AS well as having a look at some of the planes involved including the famous Spitfire , we spent some time in the World War Two classroom learning about air raids , rationing and evacuation. We were able to try on gas masks and uniforms from the 1940s and even spent some time in an air raid shelter . Part of a our visit was spent in the fun and flight area where we learnt about forces such as gravity, air resistance and water resistance . We had a brilliant day and learnt a lot.