We hope that you and your children have had a very enjoyable Easter break, and we would like to welcome everyone back to the final term of Year 4.

The summer term will continue to be a busy time for children in Year 4 with lots of new learning taking place. We are continuing with a cross-curricular approach to our learning covering all the traditional subjects with an emphasis on curriculum depth.

Our first theme in Year 4 is “Under the Canopy”. This theme is based on the rainforest with a key focus on geography and history. Throughout their learning they will work for a fictitious organisation called ‘Roots’ in helping two adopted children find out about their Mexican / Mayan heritage. Through this project, they will learn about the importance of the rainforest as well as developing a wider perspective and understanding about the links between their own lives and those of people around the world.

Our second theme is ‘Window on the World’. During this learning Year 4 will explore global issues by looking at settlements and land use before moving on to learn about trade links.

In our Science work, we will be exploring Living things and their habitats and Animals, including humans. English and Mathematics will continue to be taught daily and focus on key writing skills and mathematical calculations. Recall of times tables continues to be an area of importance, please encourage your child to learn and revisit times tables they are struggling with as this knowledge aids so much of their learning in maths. There will be a strong emphasis on learning and recalling times tables up to 12 x 12 in preparation for the multiplication check in June.

Phonics learning will continue to take place within class and tailored to meet your child’s needs. Pupils will continue to have access to the book boxes, as well as books from the school library on a weekly basis. A reminder that Oxford Owl has 100’s of books available for the children – remember to login and take a look.

Children need to keep a P.E kit in school, but generally children in Year 4 will have P.E on a Wednesday and Friday, can you please ensure your child has the correct PE kit in school. PE kit should consist of a plain white t-shirt, plain shorts and a pair of pumps. It would also be appreciated if all uniform, including PE kit and pumps, are labelled with your child’s full name and class.
Please can we remind parents that jewellery should not be worn in school with the exception of stud earrings, and in line with Health and Safety guidelines these should not be worn on PE days. Children may be asked to remove earrings before PE sessions.

Children in Year 4 receive regular homework: purple creative homework books will be continued and age related spellings will be given out each Friday and tested on the following Friday, while phonics spellings will be given out on a Monday and tested on the following Monday. Please also remember to also access your child’s online learning areas.

A further reminder that if your child is asthmatic, please ensure an in date inhaler and spacer is in school at all times. Please ensure you have informed the office with any updated medical information.

We anticipate a busy and exciting term and we thank you for your continued support. We will, as always, keep you updated with any changes but if you have any questions/queries now or throughout the year, please do not hesitate to speak to me, either after school or by making an appointment via the school office.

We look forward to a very enjoyable year full of learning and progress.

Mrs B Turner
Year 4 Class Teacher

May 2022

What an amazing day Year 4 had learning about the Ancient Greeks.

The children were transported back in time by Steve from Humph's Histories who taught the children a range of information about the Ancient Greeks including how they can find out about the past and how we can learn about the past by what was left behind.
There were lots of hands-on activities also that the children thoroughly enjoyed especially making and painting Greek shields, crushing grapes with their feet, solving the Archimedes Puzzle, exploring the different foods the Ancient Greeks ate and putting their teamwork to the test by exploring different battle formations.

A superb day of learning that will stay in their memories for many years to come.



January 2022

Year 4's 2022 has started with a bang with their Hey Mr. DJ Thematic Day.
Some very excited children arrived in school with some amazing costumes and facts about their musical artists ranging from Elvis Presley to The Rembrandts to Skepsis.
Thank you to all the families for getting involved with the day and helping inspire the children to learn about different music genres.

December 2021

Children looked amazing dressed as elves for 'Elf School'.
Thank you to all the families for making it such a success.
The children had a fun day completing a range of elf learning activities.



November 2021

Thank you to all the families who have supported Year 4 in our preparations for our Titanic Inspiration Day.
The children all looked the part as they arrived in their costumes 🙂
They had a fabulous day incorporating a range of learning skills to expand their knowledge about RMS Titanic.
I'm sure it will be a day they will keep in their memories for some time to come.

September 2021

Year 4 have been inspired today by local author Rebecca Tonks. Rebecca presented her book 'Icky Sticky' during an assembly and we were then lucky enough to have a workshop with her.
During the workshop we wrote about our hopes and dreams for the future before creating our own unique heart.
The heart designs from the whole school will be collated together to create a whole school display, which should look amazing!
These are a few photos taken during the creative workshop.



June 2021

We have had a great fun while learning about their new thematic topic 'Meet the Greeks' with Steve from Humphs Histories. They learnt lots of facts including how we find out about the past, where Greece is in relation to the rest of the World, how far the Greeks travelled, and the evidence that tells us this, what the Ancient Greeks ate, Greek gods and the legacy that has been left behind.
They attempted the Archimedes Puzzle, which was a little tricky, but with perseverance they solved it in the end 🙂
The class were divided into two groups - the Athenians and the Spartans, within their groups they each painted their own shield which they used later in the afternoon to protect themselves, after they attempted crushing grapes, with their feet!
The day finished with us participating in two Olympic events - the discus and the javelin. Watch this space, we may have a future Olympian within Year 4.
A great day was had by all.

March 2021

Comic Relief 2021

Year 4 enjoyed coming to school dressed as Superheroes in aid of Comic Relief 2021. They took part in a range of activities including walking and running

around the playground perimeter a total of 330 times! Well done everyone.


Computing - Stop Motion

Year 4 worked with Mr Ashton from Squirrel Learning on some digital animation. We used Koma Koma on the iPads to create animations by moving objects one frame at a time, our challenge was to create a sequence 100 frames long in order that it would be a smooth animation! We challenged ourselves further by creating an animation which included more than one object. Our learning was then saved and uploaded so Mr. Ashton could see our creations.



Poetry Competition 

Following our amazing poems receiving second prize in the West Midlands Regional poetry competition celebrating ‘Harvest’ we were lucky enough to meet Brian Hainsworth, Regional Education Consultant, virtually. He gave us a tour of the farm and talked to us about the farm animals. We were each then presented with our prizes – a notepad and pen. We also have a class certificate.
We were all very proud of ourselves and our efforts.



During this years World Book Day celebrations Year 4 enjoyed reading their favourite books, in a range of unusual places, both in school and at home, while wearing their pyjamas!
Where do you like to read your favourite book? To see our photos click in the box below

Year 4 enjoyed being part of the World Book Week Michael Rosen live event hosted by the Children’s  Book Show. They particularly enjoyed listening to Michael Rosen read his poems as they found them quite funny! 


February 2021

Year 4 have enjoyed learning new skills while completing their learning at home. The 'Bake Off' challenge was a real success. Look at the delicious entries by clicking on the cake below. They all said they tasted as good as they looked.


November 2020

Year 4 loved using historical evidence to explore who they thought was responsible for the deaths of over 1,500 Titanic passengers. They were then able to present their evidence to the jury in our 'classroom court'. Great work Year 4 keep it up.

October 2020

Year 4 enjoyed finding out about where our food comes from, but the best part of all was eating it!

We also looked at different types of foods, the processes needed to change food into what we eat as well as designing a new food bag.

A busy, but fun day of learning was had by all.





March 2020

Children in Year 4 have really enjoyed learning practical bike skills and how to stay safe on the roads.


January 2020

Children in Year 4 have got off to a great start on their inspiration day. They all chose a musical icon to research and present to the class.