March 2019

Year 1 children have a busy term ahead in phonics. There are some great links and tips for parents at  Oxford Owl


We hope that you and your children had a very enjoyable Easter break and we would like to welcome everyone back to the start of the Summer Term. 

The Summer term is always an important time for children in Year 1. In English, we will continue to focus on the use of capital letters, full stops, question marks and exclamation marks when writing sentences, as well as using the conjunctions ‘and, so, because, but’ and adjectives (describing words) to make our sentences more interesting. We will also continue to learn how to apply prefixes and suffixes to words and the children will be given the opportunity to practise these skills across a range of different texts.

In Maths, we will continue to practise counting forwards and backwards in ones, twos, fives and tens up to 100. The children will continue to learn methods of addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. We will continue to consolidate the children’s knowledge of number facts – number bonds and doubles and the children will continue to learn about fractions and finding a fraction of a quantity.

In Science, we will move on to learning about plants and trees. Children will identify and name common plants and trees and learn about the structure of a plant. There will be plenty of opportunities for children to investigate and observe and they will even be planting their own beans/seeds! Children will also continue to observe changes across the seasons as we move into Summer.

In History, the children will be learning about ‘The Great Fire of London’ as a significant historical event. We will be finding out about what life was like in London in 1666 and how it compares to life in London today. The children will research the events of the fire using a variety of different sources. In DT, the children will be designing and making a Tudor house to link to their History learning. After half term, children will be developing their understanding of basic geographical vocabulary when comparing city, town and village and in DT we will be designing and making a moving picture using a lever or a slider.

For more information about your learning this term, please click on the Summer Term Curriculum Overview.

The children will continue to have a weekly spelling test. This will take place on a Friday and new spellings will also be given out on a Friday. The spellings will be made up of both common exception words and words using phonemes they have been taught so far.

Your child will continue to receive phonics homework. Please support your child by encouraging them to read the words using their phonics skills. This will support the preparation for the ‘Phonics Screening Check’ that the children will be taking this term, during the week commencing 10h June.

The purple creative homework books have proved very successful so far this year – thank you so much for all the hard work! We will continue to send them out approximately twice per half term. Please continue to support your child’s reading at home as much as possible by reading their school books but also by sharing books from home too. We remind you that children’s books need to be in school every day and children are still expected to complete their reading comprehension homework (Stage 2+). Questions are usually found inside the front cover of their reading book and children should complete at least one comprehension each week. We would also encourage you to write a comment in their home/school diary, building their confidence and the link between home and school.

Soccer 2000 will continue to teach PE on Friday mornings. Children will also continue to have Dance after lunch on a Friday afternoon too. Please ensure that children have the correct PE kit in school at all times. Please can we also remind parents that no jewellery should be worn in school with the exception of stud earrings, and in line with Health and Safety guidelines, these should not be worn on PE days. Children may be asked to remove earrings before PE sessions.
It would also be appreciated that all items of uniform (including PE kit and pumps) is labelled with your child’s full name and class – there was a lot of lost property left in school at the end of the Spring term and we are aware of how expensive it is!

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me, who will usually be available at the end of each day. Thank you in anticipation of your continued support.

We have much to be excited about for the Summer Term and we look forward to a term packed full of learning and progress.

Mrs K Bahia                            
(Year 1 Class Teacher)

May 2019

The school crossing patrol visited the school on Tuesday 14th May. The children were very excited to meet the lollipop lady. First, she showed them her uniform (a long coat and a hat) and explained the importance of it being a bright colour.

Then, she showed how to screw the lollipop stick together to make it tall for the cars to see and explained what was on it and why. Next, she talked about her role and how she helps children cross the road safely everyday.
After that, she taught them how to cross the road correctly by first looking left and right, listening for cars and then walking across the road not running.
The children were then separated into two groups. One group were given the opportunity to play the role of being either the lollipop person, a motorist or a pedestrian. They then acted out scenes of crossing the road, which they thoroughly enjoyed. The other group were given a dressing-up trunk so they could dress up as a lollipop person or a police officer. The children were really excited to dress up as a school crossing patrol person. All the children had an opportunity to take part in both group activities.

Finally, they were taught a song:

                                    Stop, Look and Listen
                                    Before you cross the road
                                    Use your eyes and your ears
                                    Before you use your feet

Children were given a leaflet all about how to cross the road safely and correctly with the song included and a large sticker.