Unfortunately, due to COVID 19 we have been unable to deliver the transition parents' meetings and sessions within school that we would normally have.  To help the children's transition to Reception in  September, teaching staff have made a selection of information slides to explain routines and procedures.



Welcome back after what we hope was a relaxing and enjoyable Christmas break – one that we are sure to have been quite different to the usual traditions – but special nevertheless. Happy New Year to you all! We look forward to beginning 2021 and that the children are looking forward to getting back into their learning.

Mrs Hunt, Mrs Smith and Miss Collins will continue to play a big role in supporting myself in Reception this term. The Reception team are looking forward to another exciting term, which will provide a lot of new learning experiences as we focus on both learning indoors and outdoors. There will be a continued focus on Reading, Maths and Writing, as you would expect, but we will also introduce a new theme to our thematic lessons – ‘Where in the World?’ – where the children will be given exciting opportunities to board an imaginary’ aeroplane with their very own passports and travel/experience life in different countries around the world.

Purple homework books will continue to be sent home – please wow us all with your amazing and inventive ideas! Also, please support us with ensuring the children recognise the importance of their homework as it really does consolidate their learning and helps to prepare them for what lies ahead at school. Remember to make use of our online subscriptions including Purple Mash, Oxford Owls and Education City – these are super ways of extending your child’s learning and having fun at home!

PE will continue to take place on a Monday and Wednesday with Soccer 2000, please ensure your child has the correct PE kit in school - white round neck t-shirt, shorts (preferably black or navy) and black pumps. It would also be appreciated if all uniform (including PE kit and pumps) is labelled with your child’s full name and class. Please can we remind parents that jewellery should not be worn in school with the exception of stud earrings, and in line with Health and Safety guidelines these should not be worn on PE days. Children may be asked to remove earrings before PE sessions.

We look forward to an extremely productive 2021! As ever, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Mrs Evans
Reception Teacher/Assistant Headteacher


December 2020

Christmas Celebrations!

The children in Reception have certainly enjoyed all of their Christmas celebrations and preparations.
We have had lots of adventures with Robyn our ‘naughty elf’ and really enjoyed helping to put together our ‘Christmas play with a difference’ – COVID Christmas.
From Christmas dinners to Christmas jumpers….from Christmas crafts to Christmas parties… we have had the most amazing time ever with so many smiles and giggles along the way!
Ending with our spectacular ‘Polar Express Day’ and very special visit from Santa has really made sure that this will be a Christmas like no other…but also a Christmas to remember!
So very proud!!!




 January 2020

Reception have enjoyed celebrating Chinese New Year this week!

We have learned all about living in China by:

• Eating noodles with chopsticks and Chinese ‘Show and Tell’.
• Learning Chinese greetings and making lucky red envelopes.
• Designing Chinese lanterns on Purple Mash and making our own paper lanterns.

We ended our week with an amazing Chinese New Year Dragon Dance celebration!




December 2019

The children in Nursery and Reception have really enjoyed performing their Christmas play: ‘Everyone Loves a Baby!’ From hard-working elves to Bethlehem newsreaders. From rocking angels to screaming babies… even a special flying visit from Prince Harry and Meghan! We have had so much fun singing, dancing, playing instruments and acting – the children have been the most magnificent performers and made us all extremely proud! What a wonderful way to start Christmas!




November 2019

All of our children in Nursery and Reception have enjoyed ‘Cultural Week’ so much!
We have shared ‘Show and Tell’ objects from home from different countries and cultures.
We have made and tasted delicious chapatis with Miss Bhella and created beautiful Mendhi hand patterns too.
Best of all we dressed in clothes from India and danced and made Indian music together.
What another wonderful week of fun and learning!




As an exciting start to our new theme for this half term, ‘Let’s Celebrate!’ the children in Nursery and Reception have helped to organise a special ‘Bonfire Celebration Day’.
Reception children wrote lists in preparation for the event and all of the pupils enjoyed making edible sparklers in class.
We wrapped ourselves up in wellies, hats, scarves and gloves and gathered around our fire pit to sing songs and eat marshmallows on sticks. We used scarves and streamers to create firework dances to fantastic sound effects and worked as teams to collect wood and sticks for our imaginary bonfire. We even watched Mrs Harris light sparklers!
We had a great deal of fun and found out all about firework safety along the way.
What a wonderful way to introduce our new topic!





October 2019

The children in Reception have been learning all about Autumn traditions.
We have had so much fun carving pumpkins and making scarecrows – Lots of sticky fingers!
We are drying out the seeds to grow our own pumpkin plants.
How exciting!


The children in Reception have been learning all about healthy eating and making healthy food choices this week.
Parents and carers have been wonderfully generous and donated so much fresh fruit that we have been able to make the most enormous and delicious fruit kebabs!
We have been so busy chopping, peeling, slicing and dicing…but more importantly we have enjoyed sharing the most scrumptious and fresh healthy food.
Yum! Yum!



We have also been learning how to look after our teeth and keep them healthy. We have been talking about which food and drink is bad for our teeth and how the dentist can help us to keep our teeth healthy. We have been following instructions to learn how to brush our teeth properly and even took a new toothbrush home with us! Our learning has been so much fun!





September 2019

School Nurse visited the children in Nursery and Reception to teach them all about ‘hand hygiene’ and how to wash their hands correctly.
She brought a special machine which used an ultraviolet light to show the children any germs left on their hands after they had washed them – we were all absolutely fascinated by this!
She taught us all how to wash the different parts of our hands to make sure that we do not leave any germs behind.
The children in Early Years definitely have the cleanest hands around after today’s learning!



The children in Reception and Nursery enjoyed meeting a very special visitor today!
We have been learning all about what we were like when we were babies and how we have changed since we have grown.
To help us with our learning ‘Baby Marnie’ came to our school with her Mum and Dad much to the enjoyment of her big brother Freddie!
We found out all about what babies need to help them grow and be healthy and we talked about how much we have grown and changed since we were small.
We even got to enjoy cuddles with gorgeous ‘Baby Marnie’!
Thank you so much to her Mum and Dad for such a lovely day full of learning and we cannot wait to watch Marnie grow up and join us in Nursery!


We are happy to say that our new Reception cohort have now settled well into full-time school as they complete their first full week. They have enjoyed lots of adventures and made many new friends. They have explored exciting learning, found out about new rules and tackled school lunches with so many happy smiles! Your teachers are all extremely proud of you and we are certainly looking forward to sharing many more opportunities for learning and having lots of fun with you all!  Well done Reception!



July 2019

Science Week in Early Years Reception pupils had a fabulous time during Science Week!  We explored lots of different scientific skills using the theme of ‘Dinosaurs’.  We froze and melted dinosaurs in ice, explored and made our own fossils, looked for dinosaur bones and explored dinosaur metals and magnets. We had fun making Science projects and even set off a miniature volcano outdoors! Well done Alanna  for winning our Science Project award with  ‘How do fish breathe under water?’




Reception and Year One had a fabulous time at Twycross Zoo! We saw giraffes, gorillas, zebras, penguins and leopards and many other wonderful animals. We had a picnic in the sunshine and enjoyed exploring the Adventure Playground. What an amazing day!



As part of our theme ‘People Who Help Us’ Faith’s Mummy and our School Governor Gemma Hill brought her ambulance into school to show the children in Early Years. She taught us all about the lights, colours and sirens. She even allowed us to sit in the ambulance with our friends!
She showed us her uniform and answered lot of questions…We had lots of fun!






June 2019

The children in Nursery and Reception found out so much about the ambulance service and how to make 999 calls this week!  Mrs Beards visited the children in Early Years to talk about her very important job!  She showed the children her uniform and taught them how to make 999 calls correctly. The children took turns to try on her headset and they were extremely excited about this!  Another interesting day filled with lots of learning!



June 2019

The children in Early Years thoroughly enjoyed their Father’s Day celebrations this year! We shared activities such as biscuit-decorating, role play, outdoor fun and creative tasks with our Dads, Grandads, Uncles and big Brothers.  Our staff enjoyed sharing pictures and stories about their own Dads and then it was time to ‘cuddle up’ and enjoy a special story. 
All of our grown-ups loved the special medals they were given by the little ones! What another amazing day!




May 2019

The children in Nursery and Reception found out so much about animals, habitats and lifecycles by watching their caterpillars change into butterflies!  They grew from the tiniest baby caterpillars into long, fat and hairy ones as they were so greedy!  They made their cocoons and slept in there for about 2 weeks.
When they came out they were beautiful butterflies!  We fed them fruit, flowers and sugared water and then released them into their natural habitat so that they can lay more butterfly eggs.
What a super adventure!



The children have also taken part in ‘The Living Eggs’ scheme as part of our Science learning relating to animals, habitats and life cycles.  Our eggs were delivered in their incubator as we returned from our Easter break.  After two or three days they began to hatch!! Everyone is school was so excited and our classroom was full of both children and adults for the whole week!
9 eggs hatched (5 boys and 4 girls) and we had the responsibility of taking care of our chicks for ten days…this included feeding and cleaning them. We were amazed to watch them grow and change and found out so much about life cycles. Year 6 made fact files and power points which they shared with both Nursery and Reception.
What a fantastic experience!




April 2019

All of the children in Nursery and Reception took part in a ‘Road Safety Workshop, and had lots of fun whilst learning how to stay safe! We dressed up as School Crossing Patrols and Police Officers and enjoyed lots of role play and learning. We sang a song about how to stay safe as we cross the road. What a fantastic day!



April 2019

What a fantastic way to end such a super term!  All of the children in Nursery and Reception took part in a wonderful Easter Bonnet Parade and did such an amazing job.
Parents and carers helped the children to make their bonnets at home and we were astounded by their creativity!  Family and friends were invited to watch their children proudly parade their bonnets and we all had a great deal of fun! Everyone received a special certificate to celebrate their marvellous efforts.



March 2019

The children in Nursery and Reception thoroughly enjoyed their Mother’s Day celebrations this year! We shared activities such as biscuit-decorating, role play, outdoor fun and creative tasks with our Mums, Grandmas, Aunties and big Sisters. Our staff enjoyed sharing pictures and stories about their own Mums and then it was time to ‘cuddle up’ and enjoy a special story.  All of our grown-ups loved the beautiful roses they were given by the little ones! What another wonderful day!




March 2019

The children in Early Years had a wonderful time learning all about how to cross the road safely. The Lollipop Lady taught us all how to use a zebra crossing safely and we had lots of fun dressing up and acting out different roles. We especially enjoyed singing ‘The Road Safety Song’.



March 2019

The children in Early Years had a fantastic time on Pancake Cake Day! We explored the ingredients we needed and made pancakes with our friends. Absolutely scrumptious!



December 2018

Well done to Early Years children for their wonderful Christmas Performance.




The children in Reception enjoyed a visit to Santa at Birches Valley, Cannock Chase on Monday December 10th 2018.
They had a wonderful time on the Adventure Playground exploring all of the exciting equipment and spending time with their friends.
The children made their way past polar bears and penguins to find Santa in his Christmas Cabin. After singing him a special song from our Early Years performance each of the children were given a Santa badge and small Christmas tree to plant at home.
What a wonderful morning!



November 2018

The children in Early Years enjoyed a visit from Sergeant Beards from Wednesfield Police Station on Friday November 23rd.
He brought his colleagues PC Gary Cullen and Paramedic Richard Smith along with their brand new fast response ambulance.
The children had so much fun exploring the ambulance, meeting such important members of our community and especially disturbing everyone in school with the lights and sirens!



Congratulations to Alexander for coming runner up in the Christmas Card Competition organised by Emma Reynolds, MP for Wolverhampton North East.
He was awarded a special certificate and a chocolate treat from the MP herself during our special Act of Kindness Week Assembley on Friday November 23rd.

Well done Alexander…We are extremely proud of you!

Act of Kindness Week 2018

Reception Class chose to support The Have Refuge for Women and Children in Wolverhampton as their Act of Kindness Week Community project.
Pupils wrote letters to their families to ask for donations to support their charity.
We could not believe just how many donations of clothes, toiletries, toys, books and food we received!
The children helped to sort and make parcels which were collected during our special assembly by Hayley Powelll from the charity. Reception pupils were presented with a special thank you certificate from The Haven for all their hard work and support!


July 2018

On Monday July 16th 2018 parents and carers were invited to our Reception Graduation Assembly as the children move on from Early Years into Year One.
All pupils were presented with a certificate and a beautiful dictionary from Ray Ward courtesy of Wednesfield Rotary Club.
We all enjoyed a slideshow of memories from throughout the year and pupils were also presented with their Learning Journeys and Sharing Together Journals.
We were extremely proud of them all!



June 2018

Year 1 and Reception had a fantastic day visiting Hoo Farm. They looked at all the different farm animals and found out about their different diets and habitats.
The children were even allowed to feed some animals using the special animal food and they got to meet and stroke a hedgehog and a lamb which they all enjoyed.

The day was finished off with a play on the park!




June 2018

As part of our theme ‘Under the Sea’ pupils in Nursery and Reception enjoyed a fantastic ‘Pirate Day’. Children and staff dressed up as Pirates and the costumes were absolutely fantastic! We all took part in pirate singing, dancing and music in the sunshine. We also made pirate jewellery, eye patches, hats and flags. The children made treasure maps and took part in treasure hunts in the sand…with real golden coins as prizes!!! Everyone made pirate cakes with Jolly Roger flags and icing and had fun talking like Pirates all day long… SHIVER ME TIMBERS!!!!!





June 2018

The children in Nursery and Reception thoroughly enjoyed their Father’s Day Celebrations on Thursday June 14th. We shared activities such as biscuit-decorating, football, skittles and creative tasks with our Dads, Granddads, Uncles and big Brothers. Our staff enjoyed sharing pictures and stories about their own Dads and then it was time to ‘cuddle up’ and enjoy a special story.  All of our grown-ups were extremely proud of the medals they received from the children. What another wonderful day!





May 2018

During the Summer term the children in Early Years have been learning about growing plants and animals, habitats and lifecycles. We have planted seeds and watched them grow and observed and cared for lots of different animals and creatures. We have enjoyed Minibeast Hunts during Forest School and helped to develop our Sensory Garden by growing plants and vegetables.



We were also learning about ‘Life Cycles and Habitats’ during our theme ‘If You Go Down to the Woods’. We watched our caterpillars grow, build a chrysalis and change into a beautiful butterfly. We sang them a song as we set them free. We watched our baby frogs change from tadpoles to froglets. We put them back into their natural habitat to continue their life cycle.




During the Spring term the children in Early Years were learning about materials and forces during our theme ‘In the Toybox’. We enjoyed so many investigations and explored so many different materials. We built and tested bridges, investigated ramps, explored floating and sinking and sorted materials/metals using magnets. We explored different ways of using air to move things and made and tested paper paper aeroplanes. We developed the skills to observe, make predictions, carry out tests and discuss all our findings.




March 2018

What a fantastic way to end such a super term! All of the children in Nursery and Reception took part in a wonderful Easter Bonnet Parade and did such an amazing job. Parents and carers helped the children to make their bonnets at home and we were astounded by their creativity!  Family and friends were invited to watch their children proudly parade their bonnets and we all had a great deal of fun!



Members of Wednesfield Rotary Club joined the staff and pupils to plant shrubs, hedges and trees in our Early Year’s Outdoor Area. These were kindly donated by The Woodland Trust and included varieties such as Silver Birch, Oak and hedging plants.  It was an extremely cold but enjoyable activity as we all worked as a team to dig, plant and water throughout the morning. It was particularly rewarding to watch the children happily interact with the adults and show such enthusiasm in further developing the outdoor environment to enhance their learning. They especially enjoyed the delicious refreshments at the end of the morning as a reward for all their hard work! Thank you once again to Wednesfield Rotary Club!


March 2018

What a fantastic day we all had as we enjoyed our annual Mother’s Day Celebrations event in Early Years! Mums, Aunties and Grandmas were all invited to attend and astonishingly over 60 of them did so! A session of ‘Stay and Play’ activities included decorating biscuits and Mother’s Day creative crafts. This was followed by cakes, biscuits and juice in our school hall which everyone thoroughly enjoyed! The session ended with a quiet IWB story and lots of cuddles and snuggles together. This was lovely to see! After a Mother’s Day poem and a missive ‘Hip, Hip, Hooray’ all our special guests received a flower and a giant ‘I love you!’ from their little ones. What a wonderful way to celebrate such a special event!


February 2018

As part of our topic on Transport the Paramedics came to visit the children in Reception and Nursery. Mr and Mrs Hill brought their ambulance to school to show all of the children.  They showed us their special uniforms and all of the important equipment they use. They took us into the ambulance and let us wear their helmet.  We were even allowed to sit in the driver’s seat and turn the siren on…It was so loud! What a fantastic day!


January 2018

As part of our theme ‘Up, Up and Away’ Sergeant Beards from Wednesfield Police Station brought his police car into school to show the children in Early Years. He taught us all about the lights, colours and sirens. He even allowed us to sit in the car with our friends! He showed us his uniform and answered lot of questions…We had lots of fun!


December 2017

On Thursday December 7th. the children in Reception travelled to Birches Valley in Cannock Chase to visit Santa in his Grotto. After a very rainy start to the day the sun came out just as we arrived which meant that we could have lots of fun on the playground with our friends. When it was time to meet Santa we were greeted by his reindeer and travelled through a passage of twinkling lights and snowy scenes to his cosy cabin. Santa spoke to each and every one of us and we were all eager to tell him what gifts we would like for Christmas. He gave everyone a Santa badge and a small fir tree to plant in our gardens at home. We cannot wait to watch them grow into our very own Christmas trees! We all had a wonderful time!!



Fun in the Snow



The children in Reception and Nursery performed a play called ‘The Sleepy Shepherd’ for all of our parents and carers. This was the story of a shepherd who could not stay awake! She slept all night and all day which made the other shepherds cross with her. After all the other shepherds fell asleep and taught her a lesson she made her way to Bethlehem to meet the Baby Jesus.  We also had a special appearance from ‘The Rapping Elves’ and Alan Sugar from ‘The Apprentice’! The children’s performances were outstanding and our sleepy shepherd Seren was an absolute superstar!! Well done everyone!




December 2017

We were lucky enough to open our brand new school building two years ago and although the new classrooms and facilities were fantastic our outdoor area was bare and overgrown. As outdoor learning opportunities for Early Years pupils has always been a priority in our curriculum we decided to embark upon a project to develop and enhance this aspect of our setting. 
The project began with the help of British Gas who kindly sent a team of their employees to volunteer their time in order to clear up and cut back an overgrown forest area and patch of land on which we hoped to create a Sensory Garden for the children to enjoy. 
We were then contacted by Wednesfield Rotary Club regarding a £2,000 donation they wished to offer the school in memory of ex-governor Rtn Hortense Davis. With the continuous support and patience of Ray Ward, including numerous meetings and visits to school, it was decided that we would use the money to create a Sensory Garden, outdoor play equipment and a safe wooded area in which the children could experience Forest School learning activities. 
With the recommendation of Ray we placed a bid in to the local Princes Trust who decided to choose our project as a two-week work scheme for young people, organised and run by Dave Langford. Funding from The Rotary Club was used by the team to plan and order materials and resources and carry out necessary work including preparing and membraning each area, covering these with bark, digging for fence posts and climbing equipment and ordering wooden planters. 
Our school caretaker, Mr Dave Clarke, was a constant support throughout the entire project and proved to be invaluable in so many ways. He provided crucial Health and Safety advice, ordered materials, supported The Princes Trust contributions as well as offering his own skills and time in renovating existing climbing equipment, building new fencing and seating areas and building an impressive new outdoor sandpit with the help of Mr Hubbard. 
As well as creating a super new learning environment for our children we were also extremely keen to establish relationships between school and the local community and businesses. For example, donations of sand, gravel and top soil were provided by local business Energyseal Windows and Conservatories based on Planetary Road and delivery was made free of charge. Plants and seeds were provided by a local gardening business and also a friend of the Rotary Club and logs, a Bug Hotel and bird tables were built and donated by willing parents. 
On Friday November 10th we celebrated the opening of our new outdoor area and took this as an opportunity to thank The Rotary Club and everyone involved for their fantastic support. We enlisted the help of the Chairman of the Rotary Club and John Allen, backing singer for Olly Murs, to unveil the Hortense Davis memorial plaque and officially open our new site. This will culminate in Rotary members planting 500 crocus bulbs with the children which have been donated by The Woodland Trust.
Future plans for the development of this project include completion of fencing for the secure forest area, development of a vegetable patch and planting of trees to be donated by The Woodland Trust in March next year. We are excited to see this area continue to develop and make plans for future developments.