September 2019

Year 3 had a fantastic day at Tanglewood in Cannock Chase learning about what life might have been like in the Stone Age.
The children had fun learning about what the clothing may have been like as well as learning how to make a fire to keep themselves warm. As a special treat marshmallows were toasted on the open fire and we had the opportunity to eat them! Some of us thought they were scrumptious 😊
We then experimented with the bow and arrow to see if we could catch any animals for our lunch. We managed to catch a couple of mammoths which fed us all!
Finally, we worked as a tribe to build a shelter; using only the materials found on the forest floor. Our shelters were tested with water to see if they would keep us dry. Unfortunately, some of us got a little wet!
We then headed back to school ready to tell our parents and carers all about our day.
Thank you to Rowan and Tanglewood for giving us a fun packed day that we will always remember.