Theme Days

September 2021

Year 4 have been inspired today by local author Rebecca Tonks. Rebecca presented her book 'Icky Sticky' during an assembly and we were then lucky enough to have a workshop with her.
During the workshop we wrote about our hopes and dreams for the future before creating our own unique heart.
The heart designs from the whole school will be collated together to create a whole school display, which should look amazing!
These are a few photos taken during the creative workshop.


July 2021

As part of science week, Year 6 were lucky to be part of a live online lesson with The Ogden Trust. The children learnt lots of interesting facts about ‘Light’ and got to make their very own kaleidoscope which they loved experimenting with! 

June 2021

To launch our final topic, Year 6 came dressed in costumes linked to crime and punishment. Little did they know that a crime had been committed - their beloved outdoor play equipment had been stolen! 4 suspects were named by the Police: Mrs Highman, Mrs Evans, Mrs Simpkiss and Mr Clarke. The children investigated the crime and collected evidence, they later questioned all the suspects involved. They came to their conclusions and it was revealed that Mrs Highman had been setup!
A brilliant day had by all - investigators in the making!



June 2021

Year 5 and 6 found their session with Police Community Support Officer Collis this morning beneficial, they learnt about making good choices and about the dangers/consequences of knife crime.


June 2021

Year 4 have had a great fun while learning about their new thematic topic 'Meet the Greeks' with Steve from Humphs Histories. They learnt lots of facts including how we find out about the past, where Greece is in relation to the rest of the World, how far the Greeks travelled, and the evidence that tells us this, what the Ancient Greeks ate, Greek gods and the legacy that has been left behind.
They attempted the Archimedes Puzzle, which was a little tricky, but with perseverance they solved it in the end 🙂
The class were divided into two groups - the Athenians and the Spartans, within their groups they each painted their own shield which they used later in the afternoon to protect themselves, after they attempted crushing grapes, with their feet!
The day finished with Year 4 participating in two Olympic events - the discus and the javelin. Watch this space, we may have a future Olympian within Year 4.
A great day was had by all.

During this years World Book Day celebrations children enjoyed reading their favourite books while wearing their pyjamas!




Click on the boxes for a selection of photos from the day. 


March 2021

Key Stage 2 were lucky enough to be part of the virtual tour with The Children's Bookshow, watching Michael Rosen live. He shared some of his well known stories and poems - he is so inspiring! 


November 2020

Monday 16th November marked the start of this years ‘Anti-Bullying Week’ event. Our school were excited to join in with others around the UK to participate in Odd Socks Day!
As part of our involvement in the event within school, we asked children to come to school with odd socks on Monday 16th November. We used this day to celebrate that we are
all unique and children took part in a variety of activities linked to this theme throughout the week.

November 2020

Y6 really enjoyed raising money for children in need. They completed ‘Five to thrive’ with activities including origami bookmarks, learning how to draw Pudsey and having fun in PE. A big well done to Joe Wicks too! 





October 2020

Year 4 enjoyed finding out about where our food comes from, but the best part of all was eating it!

We also looked at different types of foods, the processes needed to change food into what we eat as well as designing a new food bag.

A busy, but fun day of learning was had by all.



Year 6 LOVED our special Harvest Celebration Day! We learnt so much about Harvest and where our food comes from, got crafty with nature and enjoyed a delicious lunch!