Sporting Events

22nd October 2018

The game began with a little disappointment as Edwards went down 1-0 very early on. All of the team kept their heads held high and remained positive. This included those on the bench who were cheering alongside staff. When the half time whistle blew the score was yet to change. The children had a positive team talk with the more experienced children coaching alongside Soccer 2000.

The second half was when ALL of the action started, goal after goal began flying into the net. The team were communicating more and playing like part of an established team. Parents, Staff and children watching were excited and extremely enthusiastic as every goal was scored. Edwards finished the game winning 5-1 which is more than impressive!

St Stephen's staff were very quick to thank our school and compliment several of our players.

A continued fantastic start to the season.  



October 2018

Pride! This is the first word that comes to mind after yesterday's football game. The first game of the season was full of excitement. Our boys did themselves and our school proud! After going 1:0 down in the first minute, the boys didn't let their heads go down and dug deep to lead for the majority of the game. The game ended 4 all, with 4 amazing goals scored by our boys - not to mention some mind blowing saves. Fantastic effort made by all and superb sportsmanship shown. A huge thank you to all the support from staff, parents and pupils. Well done Edward The Elder Football squad!

June 2018

On Thursday 28th June, the school field was officially launched in preparation for sports day.  This was a fantastic event with a variety of special visitors to celebrate our official launch.  These included:
Councillor Gregg Brackenridge who cut the ribbon to officially open the field, Councillor Gakhal, Len Chair of Trustees for the Elston Hall MAT, Gavin Hawkins, Chair of Edward the Elder primary school, Ray and Dennis from the Rotary club and Simon from Wednesfield magazine.




Year 1 and 2 had a fantastic morning taking part in their Sports Day. They all took part in the different races including the sprint, shuttle run, bat and beanbag or ball, ball dribble and the relay race to finish.

Thank you to all the people who came to put up the shelters for us as the children were able to keep cool and have a drink while waiting for their next race.
Good team support was shown throughout the morning - well done everyone.





June 2018

The year 6 pupils have been given the opportunity to take part in sessions run by British Cycling.  During the sessions, the children have been learning about cycling safety and playing a variety of games.  The children have loved the sessions so far and so have the teachers!





May 2018

Our year 5 & 6 team arrived at St Thomas' full of confidence after the previous weeks win.
After a great start going 1 - 0 up the boys worked extremely hard to defend all of the oppositions attacks, but unfortunately we went in at half time 2 - 1 down.
After conceding another gaol and with an injured Nathan (Y6) electing to go into goal and making some wonder saves, we again lifted our heads and brought the back to within one goal (3-2 to St Thomas'). The boys gave it all they could whist unfortunately conceding another goal . The game finished 4 -2 (to St Thomas').

I think all staff and parents would agree it was a fantastic game from two sets of mature young boys playing with positive attitudes. Great sportsmanship!



May 2018

It's finally happened, We have won a game!!!
After a long season of disappointments our squad have kept their heads up and risen to the occasion. Yes that's right we have had our first win! The Year 4 and 5 (7 aside team) took a 4-1 win against St Thomas' C of E primary school. With two goals from Owen Edmonds (Y4) and two goals from Nicholas Hough (Y5) both of whom narrowly missing out on hat-trick. The team really pulled together with a fantastic defence and our goal keeper John-Gary Morris (Y5) keeping out several shot on target.
A great team effort all round. We are all so very proud!
Thank you again to all the parents and family who came to support.
Fingers crossed we can do the double next week with our Year 5 & 6 team.

February 2018 

On Monday 26th  February Edward the Elder football team yet again braved the elements to take on Wood End Primary School. 
All 13 children selected were determined to play regardless of the freezing conditions and falling snow.
The children made a positive start defending and beginning to make strides to get the ball in the oppositions half. Several attempts on goal were made by Owen Edmonds and George Gilbert in the dying minutes of the game. Unfortunately the game ended 5-0 to Wood End  but the children were able to hold their heads up high after playing the full 50 minutes with enthusiasm and a positive attitude. Well done team! Also a  big thank you to the ever supportive parents  wrapped up warm on the sidelines cheering the team on.

December 2017

A team of 10 year 5 and 6 visited Ormiston NEW academy to take part in the Indoor Athletics Competition. The team came 5th! The children had to put their skills to the test in 6 events which included; hurdles, throwing and jumping. Every member of the team showed great determination and they were brilliant at cheering each other on! 

November 2017

We were able to rearrange our previously rained off game with Villiers, the day began worryingly as 4 of the team were absent from school.  Luckily they all arrived by break time eagerly awaiting 12.15 when they would be able to put their strip on. After a long journey through the busy Wolverhampton traffic we arrived at Villiers full of positivity. Nicholas  (Y5) captained the team again scoring  4 goals in the first half which was followed by a sneaky goal from Nathan   (Y6) giving us a 5-1 lead! We were flying! The second half unfortunately didn't see as many positives, apart from a wonder goal from defender John-Gary (Y5). We finished the game 6-8 to Villiers, but the team moral and sportsmanship from our team was fantastic. Edward the Elders football team is really coming together, getting stronger and stronger with each game they play. An unfortunate loss but a fantastic game played by ALL.

November 2017

Edward the Elder football team competed against Elston Hall football team on Tuesday 7th November. Edwards boys and girls were very excited for this game and even though the rain had been falling all day the commitment of both schools was shown through the game going ahead. There was a good turn out by Edwards parents making journey though the busy traffic to show their support. Edwards team was captained by Nicholas  (Year 5) who showed constant leadership and praise to his team mates. Although the first half was extremely close with Elston taking the lead 2-1 just before half time Edwards were unable to keep the momentum up and had to concede to a 6-1 loss. All the children have reflected on the game identifying the positives and negatives of the game and are hoping for a re-match in the Spring term.