Educational Visits

Oct 2021

The children in Early Years and Key Stage 1 joined a virtual assembly from Severn Trent Water to learn all about the process of cleaning water and how it is important to save as much water as we can.
We learned all about how easy and important it is to save water and how this will help to take care of our world.


October 2021

Years 5 and 6 had their first annual session with the PCSO this afternoon - today's focus being Internet Safety. The children learnt all about how to keep safe online, including information about privacy settings. The children asked lots of sensible questions and the answers added to their bank of knowledge on the subject.

September 2021

Year 6 were lucky enough to visit Mount Pleasant Farm near Birmingham and take part in Chef on the farm! They stepped out of their comfort zone and learnt new skills in the kitchen - cooking up a healthy vegetable soup and fruit salad for lunch with the help of Chef Idris.
They got to get up close and personal with some well know farm favourites including feeding the chickens, collecting the eggs, feeding the sheep, meeting a calf less than an hour old and visiting the milking parlour.
A wonderful day had by all - hopefully some chefs or farmers in the making!



June 2021

Year 6 had an amazing final trip at Edward the Elder visiting Laches Wood. They tested their nerves, stepped out of their comfort zones and faced their fears by completing canoeing, crate stacking and jumping off the 'Power Fan'! A fantastic day had by all, making memories with super team work! Proud teachers!



February 2020

We have received an assembly from the NSPCC, as well as additional workshops for Years 5 and 6, teaching children to 'Speak out. Stay safe'. Children were given the phone number 0800 1111 and reminded to call this number should they have any worries or concerns. Parents also took part in a workshop about Online Safety. Thank you to parents who were able to attend, as well as the NSPCC for their support.


October 2019

Year 6 had a fantastic time visiting Cadbury World. There were plenty of opportunities to bring their learning of the Aztecs and the Mayans to life during our trip, in particular during our educational talk where some of us even got to dress up! We travelled back in time to learn about the history or chocolate as well as enjoyed a tour of the factory - not forgetting opportunities to taste the chocolate too! One of our favourite parts was experiencing the 4d cinema! Super behaviour by all!




October 2019

Year 3 were very lucky to welcome Alexis Deacon into their classroom, the day after they saw him at Wolverhampton Grand Theatre!
Firstly, Year 3 were shown how to turn a simple shape into a character by adding eyes and a beak. The children then worked with Alexis to name the character and build a character profile. Year 3 were then able to try it out for themselves, and the results were outstanding. Everybody created at least one character and they were all able to describe what their character liked and disliked.  Finally these new characters were shared with Alexis who was amazed at the results. The session finished with all the Year 3 children receiving one of Alexis Deacon’s signed books – ‘A Place to Call Home’ to take home and share with their families.
What an amazing experience for us all and one that we will always remember.  




October 2019

Years 2 and 3 were given an amazing opportunity to visit Wolverhampton Grand Theatre, which they all thoroughly enjoyed.
Once seated the children were introduced to the acclaimed picture book author and illustrator Alexis Deacon.
Alexis was able to share his love of drawing with the children as well as bringing his books to life by reading some of his favourite stories – Croc and Bird, Beegu and I am Henry Finch.
Some of the children were inspired to start to draw their own illustrations when they got back to school.
Keep your eyes and ears open for the next Alexis Deacon.



September 2019

The children in Reception and Nursery enjoyed meeting a very special visitor today!
We have been learning all about what we were like when we were babies and how we have changed since we have grown.
To help us with our learning ‘Baby Marnie’ came to our school with her Mum and Dad much to the enjoyment of her big brother Freddie!
We found out all about what babies need to help them grow and be healthy and we talked about how much we have grown and changed since we were small.
We even got to enjoy cuddles with gorgeous ‘Baby Marnie’!
Thank you so much to her Mum and Dad for such a lovely day full of learning and we cannot wait to watch Marnie grow up and join us in Nursery!


September 2019

Year 3 had a fantastic day at Tanglewood in Cannock Chase learning about what life might have been like in the Stone Age.
The children had fun learning about what the clothing may have been like as well as learning how to make a fire to keep themselves warm. As a special treat marshmallows were toasted on the open fire and we had the opportunity to eat them! Some of us thought they were scrumptious 😊
We then experimented with the bow and arrow to see if we could catch any animals for our lunch. We managed to catch a couple of mammoths which fed us all!
Finally, we worked as a tribe to build a shelter; using only the materials found on the forest floor. Our shelters were tested with water to see if they would keep us dry. Unfortunately, some of us got a little wet!
We then headed back to school ready to tell our parents and carers all about our day.
Thank you to Rowan and Tanglewood for giving us a fun packed day that we will always remember.





July 2019

Reception and Year One had a fabulous time at Twycross Zoo! We saw giraffes, gorillas, zebras, penguins and leopards and many other wonderful animals. We had a picnic in the sunshine and enjoyed exploring the Adventure Playground. What an amazing day!