Educational Visits

May 2019

The school crossing patrol visited the school on Tuesday 14th May. The children were very excited to meet the lollipop lady. First, she showed them her uniform (a long coat and a hat) and explained the importance of it being a bright colour.

Then, she showed how to screw the lollipop stick together to make it tall for the cars to see and explained what was on it and why. Next, she talked about her role and how she helps children cross the road safely everyday.
After that, she taught them how to cross the road correctly by first looking left and right, listening for cars and then walking across the road not running.
The children were then separated into two groups. One group were given the opportunity to play the role of being either the lollipop person, a motorist or a pedestrian. They then acted out scenes of crossing the road, which they thoroughly enjoyed. The other group were given a dressing-up trunk so they could dress up as a lollipop person or a police officer. The children were really excited to dress up as a school crossing patrol person. All the children had an opportunity to take part in both group activities.

Finally, they were taught a song:

                                    Stop, Look and Listen
                                    Before you cross the road
                                    Use your eyes and your ears
                                    Before you use your feet

Children were given a leaflet all about how to cross the road safely and correctly with the song included and a large sticker.


March 2019

Year 5 had the opportunity to go to Cosford Air Museum to develop their understanding of the Battle of Britain. During the visit they were also able to enjoy some activities that linked to their science unit on forces - which they loved. It was a fantastic experience which all the children thoroughly enjoyed. The gasps of wonder and surprise were a pleasure to hear. They were a credit to the school and showed how much they had taken on board from our history unit. One child exclaimed "I didn't expect it to be so interesting". Well done year 5!




February 2019

Year 3 had a fabulous day of learning when they visited Jaguar Land Rover on the i54.
After being split into two groups they were treated to a tour of the site, by the very friendly staff, where they learnt how different parts of the Jaguar engine were assembled by both machines and humans. They then put their science learning to the test while completing a workshop exploring friction using a car on a range of surfaces. Skills of predicting, investigating and measuring were all successfully used.

The afternoon brought the Engenious Challenge! Here the children were set the challenge of working in a team to build a four cylinder internal combustion engine with moving pistons and a crankshaft. Year 3 showed great teamwork and perseverance throughout the challenge and all groups managed to build a working engine - we may have some future engineers in Year 3!

Thank you to all the Jaguar staff for making our day fun and educational @JLREducation





December 2018

The children in Reception enjoyed a visit to Santa at Birches Valley, Cannock Chase on Monday December 10th 2018.
They had a wonderful time on the Adventure Playground exploring all of the exciting equipment and spending time with their friends.
The children made their way past polar bears and penguins to find Santa in his Christmas Cabin. After singing him a special song from our Early Years performance each of the children were given a Santa badge and small Christmas tree to plant at home.
What a wonderful morning!




December 2018

During our Act of kindness week, Year 4 had a visit from the local Firefighters. The Fire Fighters came in and spoke to the children about staying safe in and around their homes. The children were able to take part in a variety of interactive activities including spotting the dangers in the home and local streets. Several children also learnt and then demonstrated the Stop, Drop and Roll technique. In addition the Fire Fighters also left the children with a bit of homework. They were asked to complete a Junior Fire Inspector Programme, a fire safety check list in their own homes. An impressive 16 children completed their Fire Safety Check and received a very special certificate.
Year 4 were so appreciative of the Fire Fighters visit and all the hard work they do for everyone they decided to write letters, create posters and produce art work to show thanks.  


November 2018





September 2018

Y6 visited Morrells Wood Farm where they were given a guided tour of the farm which involved a close encounter with the cows (which Taylor was able to name one of them Valentine due to a heart shape on her head!) as well as learning where the different parts of beef come from. We identified different berries in the hedge-row, as well as learning about the straw/hay and silage, and the everyday running of the farm.
We were also lucky enough to work with a professional chef, where we learnt different skills to use in the kitchen as well as knife techniques. We prepared and cooked our own lunch which consisted of vegetable soup and apple & rhubarb crumble. It all was delicious!
Finally, we were able to get up close which 5 day old chicks and quails! A special experience.
Behaviour was impeccable throughout the day - very proud teachers!

We received a lovely letter from the West Midlands Farm Discovery Coordinator which we would like to share with you!

"Yesterday, I helped deliver a Year 6 farm visit at Morrells Wood, and I wanted to let you know how impressed I was by the positive, helpful attitude of the staff and the exemplary behaviour of the children; they listened and followed all instructions, were so kind and thoughtful when handling 5 day old chicks, they displayed unstinting politeness throughout the day, asked lots of questions, were joyful to talk with and Kane was so helpful with clearing away after dinner.  I felt I could trust the children which I think speaks volumes.  It was the best visit the farmer and I have been involved with. 
 The staff and children were an absolute credit to the school and I hope we will work together again in the future."




July 2018

On Friday 6th July year 4 thoroughly enjoyed a trip to the seaside. They travelled to Llandudno, walked along the promenade and travelled by tram up the Great Orme. The children were really excited to eat lunch looking across the sea views and having fun on the adventure playground. They enjoyed ice cream and fish and chips. For some this was their first experience of the seaside and their smiles were amazing. The children behaved exceptionally well and were a credit to the school.




June 2018

Year 1 and Reception had a fantastic day visiting Hoo Farm. They looked at all the different farm animals and found out about their different diets and habitats.
The children were even allowed to feed some animals using the special animal food and they got to meet and stroke a hedgehog and a lamb which they all enjoyed.

The day was finished off with a play on the park!









June 2018

Year 3 had a fantastic time reliving a day in the life of a Roman which they have been learning about in their History lessons.
We began the day taking a 45 minute journey along the motorway to Wroxeter, all the children behaved exceptionally well. When we arrived to the site we were greeted by our tour leader Hannah dressed in full Roman costume. Hannah was very impressed with the children's prior knowledge and how many questions they were all able to answer.
The children were encouraged to use their imaginations in order to recall what the washrooms would have looked like. We haggled our entrance fee down from 3 silver coins to just 2 silver coins and ran the long length of the ruins. The children were shocked to hear that the men would not wash by the women because they gossiped too much. Shortly after the children were shown the remain of the toilets where they were horrified to hear the Romans would use a communal stick with a sponge to wipe their bottoms.
At this point most of the children were expressing their hunger so we went to the classroom and tucked into some very exciting lunches. 
After lunch the children were given the chance to make their own Roman coin. The used a mould with the image of royalty on and then used a cocktail stick to make their own design on the back.
Whilst the coins set we were shown around a town house where the children had to use a key to identify the names of each house.
Our final activity of the day was dressing up 4 lucky children in traditional Roman outfits.
An absolutely amazing and educational day enjoyed by all that attended.







January 2018

Year 5 visited RAF Cosford this week as part of the our learning about the Battle of Britain in World War Two. AS well as having a look at some of the planes involved including the famous Spitfire , we spent some time in the World War Two classroom learning about air raids , rationing and evacuation. We were able to try on gas masks and uniforms from the 1940s and even spent some time in an air raid shelter . Part of a our visit was spent in the fun and flight area where we learnt about forces such as gravity, air resistance and water resistance . We had a brilliant day and learnt a lot.