October 2019

Year 3 were very lucky to welcome Alexis Deacon into their classroom, the day after they saw him at Wolverhampton Grand Theatre!
Firstly, Year 3 were shown how to turn a simple shape into a character by adding eyes and a beak. The children then worked with Alexis to name the character and build a character profile. Year 3 were then able to try it out for themselves, and the results were outstanding. Everybody created at least one character and they were all able to describe what their character liked and disliked.  Finally these new characters were shared with Alexis who was amazed at the results. The session finished with all the Year 3 children receiving one of Alexis Deacon’s signed books – ‘A Place to Call Home’ to take home and share with their families.
What an amazing experience for us all and one that we will always remember.