June 2018

Year 3 had a fantastic time reliving a day in the life of a Roman which they have been learning about in their History lessons.
We began the day taking a 45 minute journey along the motorway to Wroxeter, all the children behaved exceptionally well. When we arrived to the site we were greeted by our tour leader Hannah dressed in full Roman costume. Hannah was very impressed with the children's prior knowledge and how many questions they were all able to answer.
The children were encouraged to use their imaginations in order to recall what the washrooms would have looked like. We haggled our entrance fee down from 3 silver coins to just 2 silver coins and ran the long length of the ruins. The children were shocked to hear that the men would not wash by the women because they gossiped too much. Shortly after the children were shown the remain of the toilets where they were horrified to hear the Romans would use a communal stick with a sponge to wipe their bottoms.
At this point most of the children were expressing their hunger so we went to the classroom and tucked into some very exciting lunches. 
After lunch the children were given the chance to make their own Roman coin. The used a mould with the image of royalty on and then used a cocktail stick to make their own design on the back.
Whilst the coins set we were shown around a town house where the children had to use a key to identify the names of each house.
Our final activity of the day was dressing up 4 lucky children in traditional Roman outfits.
An absolutely amazing and educational day enjoyed by all that attended.